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Make full use of the SORACOM IoT Platform

Usable right away. Makes administration easy. Guarantees your security. Becomes even more convenient

SORACOM's Powerful IoT Platform x KDDI's Global Capability

Area coverage: Over 100 countries

  • We cover over 100 countries with 2G, 3G and/or LTE, and KDDI's local offices provide local support around the world.
  • We are ready to support your company in its global endeavors.

Flexibility: Over 90 devices supported, a wide variety of tools

  • Support for over 90 devices allows you to use SORACOM with KDDI for a variety of applications. KDDI will handle installation and setup on-site, while SORACOM's rich selection of tools cover a variety of situations.

Security: Make use of the secure SORACOM environment

  1. Securely forward your important IoT data to the cloud.
  2. From SIM to cloud, your usage environment is secured in its entirety.
  3. Also supports the popular LPWA format!

What is SORACOM?

SORACOM is a platform providing wireless communications tailored for IoT/M2M. It allows low-cost use of cellular and LPWA (LoRaWAN and Sigfox communications), from a single line and up. These communications can be batch operated and managed via the Web console or API.

The platform also includes services for security, device management and cloud integration, which are necessary when setting up an IoT system. By combining and using these as needed, you can quickly set up an IoT system using few resources and begin using it for business.

SORACOM Features

Bring IoT/M2M projects to life with low initial costs.

When setting up IoT/M2M projects, the issue of data communications is an unavoidable problem. There are many communication methods, such as wired LAN, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth and others, but from the considerations of service area, ease of connectivity and security, the best method for IoT/M2M is mobile data communications.

SORACOM uses LTE/3G for communications, making your IoT/M2M plans a reality.

In the past, the initial costs and usage fees for mobile data transmissions have been high, and restrictions during contract periods have prevented making frequent contract adjustments. Many usage plans were based around use by smartphone customers. For example, they might have a minimum of 1GB worth of data transmission included in the base fee and download speeds of some Mbps to tens of Mbps, data amounts beyond the needs of IoT/M2M devices.

The SORACOM platform, however, keeps the base fee and data transmission costs to a minimum. No data transmission costs are included in the base fee; transmission fees are only charged based on the amount of data transmitted, allowing you to avoid unnecessary costs.

Monitor and manage your IoT/M2M devices and communications easily

When using IoT/M2M, the number of connected devices you deal with increases dramatically. The number can be in the thousands, the tens of thousands, or even in the hundreds of millions. When the number of connected devices is large, not only does the cost of transmitting data become more important, so does the way you maintain and manage the devices and the state of the network connections.

For example, to change the transmission destinations for a huge number of IoT/M2M devices one-by-one, or check them for problems when they are located far away, would be costly and laborious if done directly.

With SORACOM, though, an API and a Web-browser-operated user console are provided, allowing you to start, stop or restart data connections, change transmission speed, or monitor devices for whether they are online or offline, or the volume of data being used.

These features allow, for example, the batch configuration of a large number of IoT devices set up in remote locations. When problems occur, you can check through the console whether devices are still communicating to help isolate the problem.

By using the API, such as incorporating it into your system used for business operations, you can automate the management of data transmissions. For example, you can set the system to raise the transmission speed at night, when you are doing data transmissions, and turn off Air SIM during the day, when you are not doing data transmissions, saving transmission cost fees.

We make setting up a secure IoT/M2M system possible

By using SORACOM and its resources you can encrypt and protect your data, and without a load burden on your IoT/M2M devices. You can also configure certificates and passwords from the SORACOM console.

We also provide a private connection service and a dedicated connection service. Using these services, you can set up an IoT system without taking your connection over the Internet.

KDDI's Global Capability

KDDI's global staff deployed around the world are ready to support your company's international business.

We offer not only IoT, but a one-stop set of ICT solutions including office setup, network installation, cloud services, security and more.

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