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Remote Support KDDI Vist@Finder

Remote operating system using AR (augmented reality) technology

By implementing KDDI Vist@Finder at your international subsidiaries, you will be able to manage the operation remotely. This will enable cost reduction on overseas business trip cost.

Video-based communications

Stability:Uninterruptible video transmissions

When using mobile network to communicate with offices in other regions, there are many cases where the video and sound keep stopping and do not go smoothly due to changes of network quality. This makes it difficult to communicate in real time.

With KDDI Vist@ Finder, network quality is always monitored, and depending on situation, the video frame rate will adjust and change.

Sharing information remotely is enhanced by involving video, however, when it comes to communication, "sound" still plays a big role in forming the communication itself. In KDDI Vist@ Finder, we prioritize sound package, so clients will be able to enjoy verbal communication without worrying about sound quality.

Information Capacity: Visualized communication with AR video

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology where video's elements (text or images) are embedded by GPS data, marker data, etc.

With KDDI, moving images/videos are extracted to images as marker data, thus there is no need to prepare the images in advance in order to realize AR technology. Using AR, the images of on-site specific location can be overlapped with handwritten text. Even the images are taken diagonally or camera perspective is changed, the spot/location with AR will follow.

Security: Highly secured online transmissions

KDDI Vist@Finder employs the latest encryption technology, safer and lighter on CPU load.Equipped with the KCipher-2* algorithm developed by KDDI Research, Inc. The CPU workload for the smartphone with KCipher-2 is very light, since it offers high-speed processing about 10 times faster than conventional Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. 

What is KDDI Vist@Finder?

KDDI Vist@Finder is a remote operations supporting system that allows videos taken by smartphones, tablets, mobile PCs and other devices to relay remotely from the field over various types of networks, simply, securely, and in high quality. The system provides a variety of functions, including operational instruction and confirmation through live audio and video, recording of on-site video, hands-free type transmission utilizing wearable cameras, intuitive instruction by AR technology (wearable camera is coming soon).

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From a small start. Light Pack ⇒ Next step - full package Basic Pack (with additional option, the number of simultaneously received devices can be up to 12 sites)

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