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Office IT Management Information Leakage Solutions

KDDI Protects Your Information

HIBUN AE Information Cypher

Data encryption prevents information leakage to third parties - even in the event that your laptop computer, other device or media is stolen or lost.

Drive Encryption

Encrypt data on company computers and laptops. Users just need to log-on to read the encrypted data on corporate HIBUN Client PCs.

Media Encryption

HIBUN automatically encrypts data that is saved. Users can easily retrieve or use data within the organization because data encrypted media is automatically encrypted or decrypted, however, data cannot be read or used outside the organization.

File Encryption

Files are encrypted by setting passwords. A password is required to decrypt and read the data. HIBUN software is not required in the decrypting computer.

HIBUN AE Information Fortress

The administrator can configure the access authority to specific data for each user on an individual basis in order to prevent information leakage.

Flexible Policy Settings

Security policy settings can be configured for each user or group.

Extraction Control Function

This function controls the extraction of data to external media, external hard disk, CD/DVD, printing, network drive and mail (optional product).

Temporary Permission for Extraction

The prohibition on extraction of data can be temporarily cancelled if necessary. Temporary permission is also possible through the lending of authentication devices (USB key).

Extraction Log

It is possible to view a log of data extraction as well as a log detailing unauthorized extraction of data.


This feature achieves sophisticated user / file / log management without information leakage and supports corporate security measures.

User Management Function

User security policies can be set either in user or group units.

Shared File Encryption

Data in the file server is encrypted and access control can be set in folder level units.

Access Log Acquistion

The access log is sent and saved automatically to the HIBUN AE Log Server.


HIBUN and the HIBUN logo are trademarks of Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. HIBUN, Information Cypher, Information Fortress are registered trademarks of Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. in Singapore and other countries. Please consult with our staff members regarding the areas where HIBUN is available.

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