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Relocation Opening of Office & Factory Interior Design & Construction

Interior Design to IT Implementation

KDDI Philippines offers "office creation" as a one-stop service - we provide total solutions from interior design to the implementation and set-up of IT functionality.

Our Scope of Service


  • Conceptualization
  • Design Consultation
  • 2D/3D Layout Design


  • Architectural Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Plumbing Works
  • Electronic Works

Project Management

  • Timeline Monitoring
  • Progress Report
  • Workers Arrangement
  • Materials Arrangement


  • Workstations
  • Desking Systems
  • Seating Furniture
  • Storage Systems
  • Partitions

Service Flow

1. Consultation& Designing

  • We discuss with the client to get an understanding of his aesthetic and practical needs.
  • We create an office design with floor plans and 3D renders.
  • These designs are modified until our client is satisfied.

2. Engineering& Costing

  • We create a set of engineering plans and a comprehensive bill of materials that accounts for every chair, wall, and data connection that we will be including in the office buildout.

3. Permit Acquisition

  • We apply for and acquire building and Occupancy permits on behalf of the client.
  • We work with the Philippine Export Zone Authority(PEZA) and the municipal authorities.

4. Construction

  • We transpose our floor plans onto the actual building floor and the work.
  • In most single-floor facilities with standard building access restrictions, the actual build takes anywhere from 30 to 60 days.

5. Turnover

  • When the entire office is ready, we energize the air conditioning and security systems, test and commission everything and formally turn over the site to the client.

6. Warranties& Workmanship

  • We provide a one year warranty period on the entire office to assure that everything works properly.
  • We offer support for any room and furniture reconfiguration or repair work that may be needed.

Strengths of KDDI Philippines' Office Interior Design

One-Stop Service

KDDI offer one-stop service for office interior work as a single contact window. KDDI coordinate various related parties such like admin of the building, city hall, vendors, forwarders and so on. We minimize customer's work load to let customers concentrate their own work.

Project Management

Not only well-experienced Filipino staffs but Japanese monitor the on-going projects. KDDI set a detailed project schedule and follow it strictly.
We conduct a regular weekly site meeting with customer and share latest Project Schedule, Fit-out Activities and Site Progress Photo in every week.
Before the completion of project, we share punch listing to improve the quality of finishes.


Our dedicated office interior designer manages office design from the beginning of designing to completion of the project. We provide not only 2D layout but 3D perspective / movies for customer to imagine the actual finishes.
We make an effort to realize what customer is expecting, by choosing best materials and managing the schedule until completion of project.

What is the best solution for your problem?
Please consult a KDDI consultant.