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Internet Philippines Network

KDDI Philippines offers application and implementation support for Domestic Network Services through coordination with telecommunication carrier in the Philippines.

Circuit Type

Leased Line

Our Leased Line service is a domestic network service with dedicated line that can be used between two specific locations 24 hours a day.

Customers experience consistently high data communication with zero network congestion. This circuit is the best option for clients who require high quality services such as those who need highly secured data transfer or those with application software that does not allow any delay.


A network service with an affordable price. Customers will only access to domestic IP-VPN network, and can already be able to use seamless telecommunications network, domestic and international, by fully mesh network topology.

The characteristic of the IP-VPN is that it is secure and provides a high quality IP Network service using MPLS technology. Further characteristics is that the service affords scalability and flexibility where clients can quickly establish their own network with regard to business expansion schedule.

Metro Ethernet Service (L2 Service)

The Metro Ethernet service is provided as LAN service in the wide area (L2 : Layer 2 network by Ethernet) Each user company can have the service using the own network of the telecommunications carrier.

Internet Access Service

This service provides network access to the Internet. We offer two types of service, one is a dedicated type access which the customer always can use maximum throughout, the other is a best-effort type service using xDSL technology. Services provide broad band access at affordable prices.

Service Menu

Application Support Service

KDDI Philippines fully supports new circuit implementation.

We selectthe suited circuit, offer consultations with customer networks, provide application support for new circuits, make scheduling arrangements with telecommunications carriers, assist and coordinate new circuit installations and/or circuit migrations and conduct of circuit acceptance tests and more.

Network Operation & Maintenance Outsourcing Service

KDDI Philippines supports circuit operation and maintenance such as issuing trouble reports to telecommunications carriers in cases where customers encounter circuit trouble, information reporting to clients on status of restoration and assisting in maintenance at the client premises etc.

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