Establish New Offce / Move my office to a new location

KDDI provides one-stop service of both IT and office interior as a total coordinator of you.

In the Philippines, it spends a lot of time and effort to manage completed process and coordinate with many parties when you establish new office / move your office to a new location.
KDDI provides one stop service as a total coordinator of your office establishment to handle construction, interior and IT as well.

Advantages of KDDI

One Stop Service

We offer one stop service to minimize customer’s burden and let them concentrate their main business. KDDI handles all parties such like ISP, building admin, city hall, logistics as a single contact window of client.

Japanese-standardized Quality and Project Management

In addition to well-experienced Filipino staffs, project management by Japanese experts can realize Japanese-standardized quality.

Trusty Maintenance Service

KDDI is conteniously supporting client after completion of project.

1) When trouble happens with your IT equipment, our engineer will coordinate with local ISP and vendors to support customer immediately. We can also offer various maintenance agreement based on customer’s requirement.

2) For Fit-Out, we provide warranty and free support for 1 year.

Get connected to your other offices easily

Wherever you build your new office, KDDI enables you to build a full-mesh global network from one office to the other by simply accessing our Global IP-VPN service. Also, KDDI can provide a high-quality and secure platform with 24/7 monitoring for your mission-critical IT data such as TELEHOUSE data centers and the KDDI Cloud Platform Service.

Service Flow

Relative Service

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Operation Hours: 9:00~18:00
(except Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)

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