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Knowledge Security Column Vol.1

Change how you manage security for off-premises PCs with KCI

PCs within your company may be protected by your company systems, but we often hear from companies that don’t know how to secure their PCs taken off company grounds or at their overseas branches. Here we show how with just an Internet connection you can use KDDI Cloud Inventory (KCI) to manage your company’s PCs.

1. What should be done for PCs taken off company grounds?

For PCs used in telework, taken on business trips, located at overseas offices or otherwise not subject to your internal company rules, protecting against the 4 threats below can minimize the risk of security incidents.

Security threats and their responses

with KCI
Malicious software
(Viruses, worms)
OS and antivirus software updates
Restrict use of personal external media devices
Automatic update of antivirus definition files
Blocking access to imposter sites through URL filtering, etc. 
Device misplacement, theft
Anti-theft measures like hard drive encryption and remote lock
Management of device locations, users, etc.
Data theft
Limit wireless LANs connections to encrypted WiFi only
Encrypted data transmissions using VPNs, etc. 
Encrypted data transmissions using VPNs, etc. 
Require strong, hard-to-guess passwords 
Appropriate management of login authentication for company systems 

2. How can you check for and manage security problems with PCs taken off company grounds?

KCI does not require expert knowledge or complicated operation to use. A polished interface design allows management by anyone, not only system specialists.

A variety of reports are available from the KCI dashboard. As seen in the image below, OS and antivirus software update status can be checked at a glance.

Use KDDI Cloud Inventory to check the security of PCs taken off-premises

Step 1. Discover your current security level

Step 2. Find which endpoints have vulnerabilities

Step 3. Remedy the problems

KCI automates security status-checking, so all administrators have to do is fix the reported issues. Doing so is easy thanks to KCI’s software distribution capability, which allows applying OS patches and installing software on client devices.

The dashboard also allows checking the below items.

Items that can be checked from the dashboard

  • Overall security diagnosis
  • PC vulnerability diagnosis
  • OS security update program diagnosis (Windows)
  • Software version diagnosis (Windows)
  • Antivirus software diagnosis (Windows)
  • Prohibited software diagnosis (Windows/iOS)
  • Operational log alerts
  • External device operation alerts
  • Internet access alerts
    And more

Additional security features include MDM, restrictions on prohibited software, remote device locking, restrictions on USB and other external media, and collection of operational logs. Being a cloud service, KCI does not require setup costs, and it can be used at whatever scale best suits your needs.

Case Study - Is your company secure? What one customer found by using KDDI Cloud Inventory -

One customer found through KCI that Windows XP was still being used on company computers…
Below, we introduce this case in which Company A found through the KCI trial just how low their level of security was.

■Status of Company A's overseas offices just after introducing KCI

Recently, more companies are considering introducing telework, which requires secure off-site PCs. With KCI, you can take measures now to prepare for a smooth start to telework for your company!

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KDDI Cloud Inventory
Nov 11, 2020

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