Office 365

Use it anywhere and anytime you need, from any of your devices

Office 365 provides a convenient and secure way for you to share your emails, schedules, and files with your colleagues.

50GB of email capacity!

50GB of capacity is provided for each account. Furthermore, it is possible to use the email, scheduling tools etc. anytime, anywhere, whether you are in the office or on an international business trip.

Various functions combined in one service!

Office 365 provides a multitude of business critical tools, including email, scheduling functions, and the latest versions of Microsoft products.

Ability to work and revise from tablets!

Office 365 is ideal for those who often need to make document revisions whilst outside of the office.

What is Office 365?

A business standard cloud service by Microsoft Office. More than 80% of companies are using Office 365.* Large numbers of customers are moving their business platform to cloud.

Microsoft 365 enables people to work not only from computers but also tablets and smartphones, anywhere and anytime, thus making it ideal for companies going global.

* Information from Microsoft as of October 2014



Providing Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as a cloud service

Exchange Online

A cloud service providing a 50GB mailbox, schedule sharing, and reservation tools

SharePoint Online

A cloud service providing information sharing site and in-house portal

OneDrive for Business

A secure cloud storage for business people. A large capacity of 1TB giving you smooth access through tablets. Capabilities for collaborative editing are also provided.

Skype for Business Online

A cloud service providing instant message and presence function


Office 365 Extra File Storage

Ability to increase SharePoint Online capacity in 1GB increments

Exchange Online Archiving

Provide mail archive

Azure Rights Management

These settings can be applied to Office files: access/editing authority, authority period of validation, print/copy restriction.

Add on

KDDI Business ID

A tool to enhance security by setting user-specific access location limitation or multifactor authentication.

System requirements

  • *Go to external site.

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