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Zscaler Trial Application Form

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  • * After you apply for the free trial, you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives and the application will be registered with Zscaler, Inc. The account will be provided about 1 week after the contact by the sales representative.
  • * Information you provide for the trial will be provided to and registered by Zscaler, Inc.
  • * If purchasing the product, at least 500 IDs must be purchased. If you are not prepared to purchase the minimum number of IDs, the trial application will be denied.
  • * Trial period is 30 days.
  • * We will send your trial account and password to the email address registered in the above form.
  • * For inquiries during trial period, please use this website inquiry form.
  • * Please understand that depending on cases our sales team will contact you to the above registered contact information.
  • * Trial is limited to company/enterprise use. We do not accept trials for individual/private use.

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