Message from the Chairman

KDDI Philippines, here to be your business partner and contribute to your enterprise’s growth.

KDDI supports customers' global business with some 40,000 employees at 245 locations in 104 cities(*) around the world. In Southeast Asia KDDI now has 24 offices in 12 countries(*), including KDDI Philippines, where we have been operating for a quarter of a century since opening as a representative office (then under KDD) in 1996. We have provided a wide range of one-stop services, from ICT solutions to office design and interior construction, to customers expanding into the Philippines. (*As of April 2023)

For the working environment (working style, working place) during and after COVID-19 in the Philippines, society has entered a “new normal” era with an emphasis on work-life balance, and the office environment and ICT technology must now be considered together in planning and execution. At KDDI Philippines, we provide one-stop service for the optimal office and ICT environment, from the concept stage all the way through to the completion of construction and subsequent operation and maintenance. We support you in defining the purpose of your offices and the way they should operate, in envisioning the communication that will take place in them, in searching for suitable properties on which to create them, in making office designs, 2D/3D layouts, and more. We also assist you in deciding on what kinds networks to use, and what levels of security to impose, as you plan to connect your various work locations, be they factories, warehouses, employees’ homes, etc.

In addition, to help you achieve DX (Digital Transformation), which is indispensable for the growth of our customers’ businesses, we will visit your business sites to understand their operations, how to accumulate useful data, and how best to make use of that data to improve operational efficiency and productivity. We will provide DX solutions that make use of ICT technologies, while valuing your customer and on-site contact points.

With further economic growth expected in the Philippines, investment in new construction of, improvements upon, and expansion of social infrastructure, the foundation of growth, is progressing. Large-scale projects are beginning to take off. As one of Japan's leading telecommunications carriers, we will contribute to this construction and maintenance of social infrastructure in the Philippines by making full use of our communications infrastructure construction knowledge.

Through such activities we are able to build a stronger relationship of trust with our customers, and we believe that by contributing to our customers' businesses, we accomplish our goal of becoming their business partner.

We appreciate your continued patronage, support and encouragement for KDDI Philippines and the KDDI Group.

Koichi Morita

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