Message from the Chairman

KDDI Philippine is willing to help your business with customer-oriented service.

KDDI Philippines has been providing one-stop service related to office set up such like interior work, IT security enhancement since our representative office was established in 1999.

In overseas, especially in the Philippines, it is really complicated to coordinate the related departments or arrange the schedule. For example, when you apply new internet line, you have to coordinate piping route with building owner, arrange the installation schedule with internet service provider and building admin. Especially when it comes to new office establishment, you have to control various tasks and parties such like office interior, IT facilities (preparation from cabling and PC), furniture. Furthermore, you must get several permits before/after office construction to follow the Philippines’ system.
To meet your timeline of office establishment it is most important to find a reliable contractor.

We have been standing at clients’ point of view, proposing one stop service as reduce clients’ burden, and trying speedy and respectful actions from the first meeting to maintenance support after completion of projects, in terms of everything related to office, IT solution.
We have been providing services over 400 companies until know.

The Philippines is the very growing up and has potential to continuous economic expansion. I will guess you are struggle to solve the current issues for further growth of your company. As a strategy of KDDI Philippines, we are regarding making best use of IT as key point of growth and focusing on to contribute clients’ business efficiency by proposing IoT (Internet of Things), which realize to monitor status of operation in real time.

Our mission should be realized if our daily efforts build long-term relationship with clients and
finally contribute clients’ main business in some way.

Thank you and best regards,

Yuichi Wakai

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